Top Tips on How to Keep your Wedding Budget at Bay

Wedding budgets can be stressful, so we've created an article on how to keep your wedding spend at bay

Keeping your wedding budget at bay

It will be the biggest day of your lives, and no doubt, one of the most expensive, but regardless of your wedding budget, we’ve got some clever ideas on how to keep your wedding budget at a sensible level, without having to compromise!

Depending on the amount of time you’ve got to plan your wedding, we advise spending time planning every element of your wedding in great detail; from choosing your wedding venue to tasting various wedding cake flavours. Read on to find out our top tips when it comes to spending wisely throughout your wedding planning experience.  

The Wedding Venue

Your wedding venue will be the key factor when it comes to the flow of your big day. Therefore, having a wedding package that contains everything from the venue hire to the canapés, toasting champagne, bedrooms (if available) and more will ensure that you’re financially aware of a large chunk of your wedding budget. Once this large portion of your wedding spend has been allocated, you’ll know how much more you have to play with when it comes to the personal details and styling of your day.

Top Tip:

You’ll feel differently at every wedding venue visit you attend, but ultimately you need to be able to afford the one you choose. Be realistic when you do your initial wedding venue search. 

The Wedding Attire

When it comes to the dress, set a budget and stick to it. There’s no point in going to look at dresses with a price tag you just can’t afford. Ensure you’re aware of how much each dress is, before trying it on; the same goes for groomswear and the bridal party.

Top Tip:

Buying a wedding dress ‘off the rack’ might be more affordable than having a wedding dress on order. This will eliminate the cost of having to travel back and forth to the wedding dress shop and you may even be able to purchase it at a better price.  

Wedding Rings

You’ll wear your wedding rings forever, so you probably shouldn’t compromise when it comes to shopping for them. However, if the shop or designer you’ve chosen has any sort of offer or promotion, then it’s worth buying them to coincide with this. Or, perhaps ask the vendor if they’ll offer you a better price if you buy both rings at the same time. It’s worth a try!

Top Tip:

Do your research when it comes to wedding ring metals before you shop. Some materials/metals may look the same to the eye, but could be surprisingly different price. 

The Wedding Flowers

Flowers are beautiful and will look gorgeous in your bouquet, down the aisle, on reception tables and perhaps on your cake, but if you’re looking to reduce your floral budget then consider growing your own flowers, having your bridesmaids carry an alternative to a bouquet, or why not create your own table decorations? 

Top Tip:

Flowers vary in cost depending on the season. Speak to a wedding florist in advance to see what flowers will be in season when you choose to tie the knot – in order to keep your floral spend down. 

The Wedding Cake

All eyes will be on the newlywed couple when it comes to the cutting of the cake, but in order to keep the cost reasonable, consider buying a cake from a supermarket and adding your own personal touches or cake topper. Alternatively, you could bake your own wedding cake, or cupcakes, for the perfect, personal touch to your day!

Top Tip:

Some couples opt to have a faux tier featured in their wedding cake. If you’ve got enough cake to go round by having a smaller wedding cake, but still want the wow factor when it comes to the look – a faux tier could be your answer!