10 Essential Items to Add to your Wedding Gift List

Choosing the right wedding gift list can be a struggle. This article has been designed to help you decide which style of wedding gift list is best for you as a couple...

A collection of the best ideas to add to your wedding gift list

Your guests will more than likely want to buy you a wedding gift, so to make life easier for them, why not give them a helping hand and set up a wedding gift list? If you already live together then you may opt for a honeymoon fund style gift list, or if you’re saving up for something special then vouchers to a specific department store could be an option. You’ve also got the choice of having a charity gift list whereby your guests donate money to the charity of your choice.  

However, if you’re a more traditional couple and would like to set up a wedding gift list at your favourite department store, or with an online wedding gift list company, we’ve come up with some essential gifts to add to your list. Consider adding gifts with a variety of values; some guests will be able to afford more than others, so ensure you’ve got plenty of options on there. Think about the different rooms in your house and what you still need. Or if you’ve been living together for a while and have combined two houses together, think about how you can upgrade your essentials!

The team at your reception wedding venue will best advise you on where to set up a card/gift table, to ensure that guests who bring a card or gift to your wedding have somewhere safe to leave it. You may wish to leave a member of your bridal party or a close relative in charge of moving the card and gifts at the end of the night. 

10 Must-Have Items to Add to your Traditional Wedding Gift List

A Nice Set of Cutlery

You’ll no doubt want to host a dinner party or two in the future and what about when you’ve got the whole family round for a future Christmas? A nice cutlery set will make a nice change from your standard every day set – only to be brought out on special occasions.

Luxury Bedding

Having good quality bedding makes a huge difference to your night's sleep. If this is something you wouldn’t normally splash out on, why not stick it on your list!?

A Coffee Machine

A coffee machine is the hottest new ‘must-have’ for your kitchen. They are easy to use, the coffee tastes delicious and you’ll save a fortune on take-out coffee from the high street!

Pots and Pans

Now is the best time to upgrade your cooking essentials. Add a well-known brand of pots and pans to your wedding gift list for future cooking pleasure.

Posh Wine Glasses

Whether you prefer red, white, rosé or all three, a good set of wine glasses is essential for those stressful days at work or a dinner party on the weekend. Nice wine glasses will last you forever, and while you’re at it, you might as well put some Champagne glasses on your wedding gift list too!

Egyptian Cotton Bath Towels

If you’ve never had Egyptian cotton towels before then be sure to add a set or two to your gift list. Egyptian cotton towels feel amazing when you’ve stepped out of the bath or shower, and once you’ve tried them, you won’t ever want to go back.

A Tea Set

If you’ve not been fortunate enough to have one handed down to you, it might be worth adding a tea set to your wedding gift list. Don’t forget to include the tea pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, and enough cups and saucers for at least 8. You never know when you might be throwing an afternoon tea party and this set should last you a lifetime.

Interior Décor

If there’s an amazing mirror that you’ve always wanted or a lamp that will complete one of your rooms perfectly, there’s no better time than now to pop it on your wish list. Your guests would probably rather buy you something that you really like, rather than something they guess you’d like.

Photo Frames

When your wedding and honeymoon are over you should have hundreds of photographic memories to look at. Why not ask for lovely photo frames in advance, so when you’ve got your wedding photos back, you can select your favourites to dot all around your house to remind you both of your special day?

Garden Accessories

If you’ve got a garden and want to add extra plants, flowers or trees to it, why not ask for beautiful plant pots or outdoor art on your wedding gift list?

Alternative Wedding Gift List Ideas 

If you’re really not keen on creating a high street shop or online wedding gift list then there are some alternative options to consider. 

  • Charity Wedding Gift List: ask for donations to a chosen charity of your choice. Maybe a charity that is close to your heart? 
  • Honeymoon wedding gift list: A contribution towards a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon 
  • Money: Ask for a cash donation towards something specific, like a home-refurb or soft furnishings for your new home together. If you go for this option, its nice to be able to actually mention what you would be putting the money towards so that your guests aren’t left wondering where their money has gone. 
  • Vouchers: If you're stuck for ideas then vouchers are always a good option. That way, you can spend them when you find that you actually need to buy something big together as a couple.

5 Top Tips to Consider when Creating your Wedding Gift List 

  1. If you’re choosing an online wedding gift list or a list from a high street store, be sure to choose a selection of gifts as a couple. You don’t want it to be all one-sided once your wedding gifts finally arrive. 
  2. If you’re asking for money, perhaps put a polite poem or note into your wedding invitations so that your guests don’t think you’re being rude by asking for money.
  3. Be sure to include a code/password details of your wedding gift list on your wedding invitations, so that your guests can buy your gift with ease.   
  4. Make sure you have a gift/card table set up at your wedding venue. Even if you have an online gift list, you never know who might want to buy (or make) you a special gift and your guests will more than likely bring you a wedding card. 
  5. Don’t forget to order thank you cards with your wedding stationery order so you can thank your guests for their gifts once you have returned from your honeymoon.