The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Personalised Wedding Website

A guide on what to add to your personal wedding website; from wedding venue details to gift list instructions and so much more...

Planning a wedding website as a couple

It’s not essential to create a personalised wedding website ahead of your big day, but if you’d like to have all of your wedding plans and details located in one place online for your guests to view, then it could be a great idea. 

This article has been designed to guide you though the essentials when it comes to creating a personalised wedding website prior to your wedding and what we think you should include on it…once you’ve chosen a pretty background theme. 

All About Us

An ‘about us’ section could be a great introduction to your personalised wedding website. Let your guests know how you met, when you met, your hobbies as a couple, your favourite restaurants, your pets, your favourite holiday destinations and more… 

You could also split this section so that you have a section dedicated to the bride and a separate section focused on the groom. 

Your Contact Information 

Your wedding guests may wish to contact you directly for one reason or another, so it would be good to have at least one email address and at least one phone number on your wedding website – just in case. 

Image Gallery 

Add an image gallery of you both; from your dating days to moving in to your first home together, or even holidays that you’ve been on. Older friends and relatives who may not know your partner, might be interested to see images of your both. 

Top Tip: Use your image gallery after your wedding to post images taken by your photographer, friends and family. This could be a great way to get people back on to your site, where you may even be able to put up a post-wedding thank you message for all to see.

The Bridal Party 

It might be nice to have a who’s who section dedicated to your bridal party. State the names of your Best Man, Maid of Honour, Ushers and Bridesmaids, so that all of your guests are familiar with them once the big day arrives. 

Wedding Day Details

People will mainly be looking at your personalised wedding website in order find about more information regarding your wedding. Within this section, be sure to include timings and details about where you are getting married - as well as specific address, postcode and parking information (especially if your guests need to pay for parking). A little map of the church or wedding venue could be a nice idea, or you could have a sub section that is all about ‘The Venue’ in this section. 

Nearest transport links could be handy in this section, for guests using public transportation – or nearest airports if you plan on inviting friends and family from abroad. 

Even though it will probably be printed on your wedding invitations, the time of when your wedding party comes to an end would be useful to include in this section.

Overnight Accommodation 

If you are not getting married at a hotel, or a location that doesn’t provide overnight accommodation for all of your guests, then it would be advisable to include details of recommended hotels within this section. You could add either the names and addresses of local hotels, or a direct link to their site.  If you’ve negotiated preferential rates with local hotels for your guests, be sure to include them within this section. 

An RSVP Button 

You’ll probably send an RSVP card out with your wedding invitations, but if you’d rather save the money, then why not ask your guests to RSVP to your celebration via your wedding website? There may be some guests who would rather contact you to confirm their acceptance directly, but for others, saying ‘we can come’ via the click of a button might be easier. 

Dietary Requirements 

If you do plan on having your guests communicate with you via your wedding website only, then it would be good to make sure you ask them all whether or not they have any specific dietary requirements. 

Wedding Gift List Information 

Your wedding guests will want to know where you’ve chosen to have your wedding gift list. Be specific and be sure to put any website links, pass codes or log in details within this section so that your guests can order your wedding gift with just the click of a button. Alternatively, if you’re not having a traditional wedding gift list and are asking for a contribution to your honeymoon or perhaps a charity donation that is close to your heart. 

Some couples choose to create multiple gift lists, giving their guests the choice of where they’d like to buy you a gift from. Or if you’re asking for a cash contribution, why not write a little poem to put on your wedding website for your guests to read?

Details about The Bar 

Wedding guests always like to plan ahead when it comes to the bar. If you are having a cash for bar at your wedding, it would be good to inform your guests ahead of time; firstly, so that they don’t get a surprise when they get to the bar and didn’t bring any cash and secondly, if your chosen wedding venue isn’t located anywhere near a cash machine. A gentle reminder on your website could be really beneficial to your guests. 

Fun Things to Include on your Personalised Wedding Website 

Wedding Countdown 

A countdown ticker to your wedding date.

Details of a Wedding Hashtag 

If you’d like your guests to use a wedding hashtag on the big day, give them the details ahead of time. Consider using #SmithWedding #Mr&MrsSmith2017 #SarahandScottForever #WeddingoftheYear2017.

Unplugged Wedding? 

Alternatively, if you plan on having an unplugged wedding, it might also be best to share this information on your wedding website so that your guests know what to expect. 

Wedding Photography 

Some couples choose not to have any guests take photographs or use their mobile phones to take pictures throughout their ceremony as this could be seen as a distraction. If you don’t want your guests to take photographs throughout your ceremony, let them know in advance. If, however, you would like your friends and family to take endless photographs and videos throughout your wedding ceremony and reception that they can then forward on to you afterwards, let them know what you’d like them to do ahead of time! In some cases, you can download an app where your guests can forward their wedding photos straight to an inbox, so that you can see all of their photos the day after your wedding. 

Top Tip: Don’t forget to put the details of your wedding website on your paper wedding invitations! 

We also believe that seeing as you’ve taken the time to create a personalised wedding website, why stop there? Use this tool to create a marriage blog, or even a family website where you can keep your friends and family members updated with your life as a married couple and beyond.