Helping your Wedding Guests

Your wedding will probably be one of the largest celebrations you’ve ever hosted, so to ensure you are the epitome of a helpful host, we’ve compiled all of our etiquette advice here. While it’s lovely to catch up with relatives you don’t see often, the last thing you want is hundreds of phone calls from all your wedding guests asking where they can find hotels local to your wedding venue, phone numbers for local taxi companies and whether or not they can bring their new boyfriend. This section is full of tips and advice on how to help your wedding guests enjoy the run up to your big day, as much as you will!   

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The ultimate guide to wedding invitation etiquette; from the timings of your day to details about your gift list and more...

Planning the wording for you wedding invitations
A collection of the best ideas to add to your wedding gift list
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Choosing the right wedding gift list can be a struggle. This article has been designed to help you decide which style of wedding gift list is best for you as a couple...

Gathering of guests at Notley Abbey in Buckinghamshire
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A guide to ensuring that your wedding guests are fully informed throughout your wedding day; from the Order of Service at your ceremony to the order of your entire celebration. 

Planning a wedding website as a couple
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A guide on what to add to your personal wedding website; from wedding venue details to gift list instructions and so much more...

10 things to inform your wedding guests about before the day of your wedding
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Your guests will put a lot of effort in to attending your wedding – so to keep them well-informed ahead of your day, we've come up with 10 bits of information that we think they need to know!