Creating your Wedding Guest List

Even the most glorious wedding venues are nothing without a fun group of guests bringing it to life. We have hosted thousands of weddings across our collection of luxury wedding venues and know that the best parties are made by the people you celebrate with. But there is never just one guest list. There’s the first draft, the second, the twentieth… and that’s before you even get on to who’s a day guest and who’s an evening guest. Our ultimate guide to creating a wedding guest list covers all the wedding etiquette, but at the end of the day it’s up to you – and your wedding budget – where you draw the line when it comes to plus ones, work colleagues, and your parents’ friends. Once you’ve found the perfect wedding venue, you’ll have the fun job of deciding who should sit with who (good luck!) and then it will eventually be time to create that all-important table plan. If you’re stuck for something original or imaginative to call your tables, we have not just a few, but 100 wedding table name ideas to get you inspired! 

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A Q&A dedicated to helping you solve those guest list worries and dilemmas

Advice when it comes to creating the wedding guest list
100 Table name ideas for your wedding reception
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A list of 100 different table name ideas for you to choose to display at your wedding reception.

Ideas for the table plan at your wedding
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Break the rules and choose a fun and unique wedding table plan to display to your guests.

Planning who is going to sit where at your wedding reception
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The do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating a wedding table plan

How to create a wedding guest list
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Top tips, smart advice and helpful guidance when it comes to creating your wedding guest list.