Setting A Wedding Date

Everything you need to know when it comes to setting a date for your wedding; from seasons to speaking to suppliers and more!

Setting the wedding date is a big decision. Bijou are here to help guide you when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding date.

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you’ve flashed your ring, told all of your friends and family how he popped the question and have started browsing through all of the wedding magazines and websites possible in order to gain inspiration for your dream wedding, we wanted to give some essential advice when it comes to setting a wedding date at your dream wedding venue

Things to Consider when Setting A Wedding Date

Before you think about setting your wedding date, chat between you and see if there is a special time of year, a particular month or a specific weekend that either of you had in mind. Rule out certain dates, such as a family birthday, a holiday that you’ve got pre-booked, or any other dates that might clash with something specific. It would also be advisable to discuss potential wedding dates or months with anyone else contributing money to your wedding, as they may wish to have a say too. 

The Venue 

If you’ve got a specific wedding venue in mind, check that it is available on the dates that you’ve got in mind. If the venue doesn’t have the specific availability you were looking for, consider a mid-week wedding or a date in an alternative month. 

The Actual Date 

Is there a special date for you as a couple? Consider getting married on the date in which you met – if you can remember it. 

The Guest List

Check that the most important people will be at home/around when it comes to choosing your wedding date.

Your Wedding Style 

If you plan on getting married outdoors then you’ll more than likely need to choose a wedding date in the summer or autumn months. Alternatively, if you’ve always dreamed of a warm, cosy wedding in a barn-style wedding venue then a winter wedding could be ideal.

Your Work Schedule 

Does your job allow you to take time off throughout the year? If you’ve got a restrictive job or you’re seasonally busy during a certain time of year, consider setting your wedding date in a different month or season.

The Honeymoon 

If you plan on following tradition and going on your honeymoon right after your wedding celebration, think about which season will work best, depending on the location you wish to go. 

Budgeting for your Wedding 

If you’ve got to save the money to spend on your wedding then talk about setting a date in the future. Most wedding venues will take bookings for years in advance, giving couples enough time to save. Once your wedding date has been set you’ll have a good idea of how to budget for the day; you’ll also be able to set financial goals in order to meet your wedding budget. 

Last Minute Weddings

If you are planning to set a wedding date for the not so distant future, just double check with your venue that they are able to turn a wedding around in a short amount of time. Some venues can host weddings with just 10 days notice.

Setting the Date: Wedding Suppliers 

If you have specific wedding suppliers in mind before you set your wedding date, ensure that they will be available for you. Alternatively, if you set your wedding date and then start searching for suppliers, discuss your wedding date with them in the first instance so as not to waste anyone’s time. 

Setting the Date: The Time Scale

Once you’ve set your wedding date, consider the time scale of the day. If you’re getting married at the wedding venue then you’ll need to book a registrar at the same time as you book the venue, to ensure their availability. Once this has been done, or if you’ve got a time slot for a church wedding ceremony, then the rest of your wedding day should fall beautifully in to place. 

What to do After You’ve Set the Date 

A list to kick-start the rest of your wedding plans, after you’ve ‘set the date’. 

  • Share the great news with your family and close friends
  • Send out Save the Date Cards after having finalised your guest list and reserve guest list
  • Create a wedding to-do list
  • Start thinking about your wedding dress
  • Ask your best girls to be your bridesmaids 
  • Think about where you’ll go on honeymoon