Planning A Winter Wedding

A winter wedding can be wonderful in so many ways. Let us inspire you when it comes to planning a wedding during the winter months. 

Tips, advice and inspiration when it comes to planning a wedding during the winter months

Top Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding 

Winter is probably the least desired time of year to get married, due to the cold and unpredictable weather, but if you are considering planning a wedding during the winter months then you've got a truly magical time ahead of you. This article has been designed to help couples plan a winter wedding with ease; from choosing the perfect winter wedding venue to decorating your wedding day in style, regardless of the cold. 

Choose a Cosy Wedding Venue 

Most wedding venues will look as gorgeous in winter as they do in any other month, but with a winter wedding you’ll get to play around with the décor, ensuring that your chose venue will be dressed perfectly for the season. A converted barn-style wedding venue could look sensational with roaring fires during the winter months and when it comes to decorating a venue rich in history, the possibilities are endless. A country house wedding venue could be perfect for hosting a winter wedding and be sure to consider an exclusive use wedding venue with bedrooms, so that your close friends and family don’t have far to travel in the cold when your wedding celebration comes to an end. 

Another advantage of getting married around Christmas or during December is that your wedding venue may be decorated for the festive season. You may be able to take full advantage of the Christmas decorations that have been put up around your wedding venue in terms of your wedding photography and decor within your ceremony or reception rooms.

Choose a Sumptuous Winter Wedding Menu

If your chosen wedding venue has a in-house catering team then they’ll more than likely be able to recommend a delicious winter wedding menu for you and your guests. If you’re offered a menu tasting session before your big day then be sure to embrace the different flavours of the season when making your final menu decisions. 

Order a Winter Themed Wedding Cake 

A winter-themed wedding cake is a must if you’re getting married during the colder months. Consider a white, iced wedding cake with a cascade of winter blooms falling down one side. Alternatively, a festive wedding cake filled with fruit could be ideal if you’re getting married very close to Christmas. 

Wear a Long-Sleeved Wedding Dress 

A winter wedding is the ultimate excuse to wear a super stylish long-sleeved wedding dress. Don’t fear the cold when you step outside of your wondrous winter wedding venue to have your photographs taken as a married couple and be sure to dress your bridesmaids in something equally as beautiful as what you are wearing. If, however, you do opt to wear a strapless or short sleeved gown to your winter wedding, consider a faux fur cover op or shawl to keep warm moving from one place to the other.

Winter Wedding Colour Scheme Combinations 

You can have so much fun with your colour scheme if you’re planning a winter wedding. From your over-all colour theme to your bridesmaids dresses, the flowers and table decorations, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the perfect colour palette for your winter nuptials. Consider winter colour combinations of: 

  • Dove grey, peach and ivory 
  • Teal, mint and white 
  • Beige, cream and blush 
  • Cerise, red and ivory 
  • Mustard, brown and cream
  • Monochrome 
  • Magenta and black or chocolate
  • Burnt orange, marsala and navy 
  • Gold and rich cream
  • Icy blue and silver
  • Blush, gold and ivory


Floral Ideas for a Winter Wedding

Winter is the perfect time of year to decorate your chosen wedding venue with a sensational array of flowers. Consider a colour scheme of deep reds, purples, pinks and/or greens, mixed with a dash of ivory and a finishing touch of berry or even a sprig of holly. You could decorate the doors of your winter wedding venue with festive wreaths, or have pinecones adding to the decorative styling when it comes to your wedding reception tables. Plus, if you are getting married around Christmas, a bunch of mistletoe hanging over a doorway or from the ceiling is a must! 

Celebrity Couples who got Married in the Winter

  • Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll – 5th December 
  • Sir Elton John and David Furnish – 21st December
  • Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky – 26th December 
  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett – 31st December 
  • Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson – 31st December
  • Vince Vaughn and Kyla Weber – 2nd January  
  • Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden – 5th January 
  • Christian Bale and Sibi Blazic – 29th January
  • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – 3rd February
  • Benedict Cumberland and Sophie Hunter – 14th February
  • Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady – 26th February