The Benefits of Hiring your Wedding Venue the Night Before

If you're easily stressed then it might be worth considering hiring your chosen wedding venue the night before...

The benefits of hiring a wedding venue the night before the wedding

When you commence your wedding planning you’ll be faced with a variety of different wedding venue styles; from country house wedding venues to barn style venues, large venues, boutique venues and so much more. The wedding venue you end up choosing will obviously be perfect for you as a couple, but, if it offers accommodation, then it might be worth considering hiring your venue the night before you wedding, as well as on the day…and here’s why…

The morning of your wedding will be fun, but crazy. If you think about it, you’ll need to be super organised in advance, so that when your wedding day arrives, all you need to do is think about getting ready - whether you’re finalising your wedding day style at home, at your parent’s house, or somewhere else. However, imagine being able to prepare for your wedding at your actual wedding venue – providing it offers accommodation in the first place. By hiring a venue the night before your wedding, you’ll be able to wake up in familiar surroundings, getting ready for your celebration in a calm, relaxing environment, without having to rush around, worry about transport or anything else.

Bijou’s Top 5 Reasons on Why you Should Consinder Hiring your Wedding Venue the Night Before...

Enjoy a Celebratory Dinner as a Family 

Also known as a rehearsal dinner in the U.S, celebrating with your family the night before is becoming more common here in the UK. Speak to your chosen wedding venue about dining options for ‘the night before’. Get comfortable with your surroundings and maybe practice how you’ll be walking down the aisle or entering your wedding banquet as a newlywed couple.

Get Ready in Calm Environment

Wake up in luxury surroundings and enjoy getting ready for your wedding day without the worry of having to eventually travel to your chosen venue. If you’re having a church wedding then why not consider having a fabulous wedding car pick you up from the venue at a suitable time?

Eliminate the Need to Hire Wedding Transportation 

If you plan on getting ready at home then you may have to organise wedding cars or transport to get you and your bridal party to the church or wedding venue on time. Wedding transportation equals additional cost to your wedding budget. 

Reduce stress in Getting to the Wedding Venue on Time

Aside from the wedding car showing up (with all four tires fully pumped), you may be faced with traffic jams, road works/diversions or issues with the weather that could delay you.

Invite your Suppliers to Arrive Early 

By hiring your chosen wedding venue from the night before may mean that you’ll be able to start decorating it sooner. Entry to a Bijou Wedding Venue is from 11am on the morning of your wedding, which means that if you’re getting married at 2pm, you and your suppliers will only have 3 hours to decorate the venue and get ready in time for your ‘I do’s’. We’ve seen it done a thousand times before, but if you want to give yourselves more time or if you plan on throwing a truly lavish wedding, then hiring the venue the night before would be advisable. 

Additional Things to Consider when Hiring your Wedding Venue the Night Before

  • Additional cost to your budget
  • What time you can arrive from?
  • Who is going to stay the night / you or your other half – or both, if your bedrooms are on different sides of the venue! 
  • What time you can invite your suppliers from the following morning?
  • How does the catering work in terms of dinner and breakfast? 
  • Prolong your wedding celebration; you may be able to hire the wedding venue for the entire weekend