How To: Choose a Great Wedding Videographer

Top tips and advice when it comes to choosing a videographer to film your wedding day from start to finish… 

Ways to choose a wedding videographer

Ask any married couple about their wedding day and they will tell you that it went by in a flash. You spend what feels like endless months before the day planning, discussing and shopping, and then it’s all over. Of course, you have your photographs to look back on but as gorgeous as they may be, they’re stills. You won’t have captured your wedding day in all its full glory; the excitement in the air, the interaction of your guests and more importantly, the breath-taking moment you say ‘I do’. The below article has been designed to help you decide whether or not you want to hire a wedding videographer to capture your wedding memories. 

Different Styles of Wedding Videography

As you begin your search for your wedding videographer you’ll notice that they will each have different and individual styles. Three of the most popular wedding shooting styles include: point and shoot/fly-on-the-wall, documentary including voice-overs and interviews, and cinematic.

‘Point and shoot’ pretty much does what it says on the tin. It is more than likely going to be the cheapest option as it is a much more elementary documentation of the day.  It is important to note with this specific style that it is very much a spontaneous coverage and you’re quite likely to miss out on important memories if you do not specify and plan which shots you would like to have.  If you’re dead-set on the fly-on-the-wall perspective, it may be an idea to have multiple cameras set up at different locations so you don’t miss a thing. Discuss the options with your videographer. 

By far the most popular style of videography is the ‘documentary’ or the ‘unobtrusive.’ This style thoughtfully records the events of your day from the perspective of a storyteller, often recording sound bites from the day to drive the narrative forward and utilises a cinematographer’s eye for beautiful imagery. It provides the best coverage of the events of the day without turning it into a film set and it only achievable through long lens professional cameras and a very experienced camera operator. 

Finally, the couture cinematic option. Your wedding day filmed on a 8mm or 16mm film, making it worthy of a motion picture. This is an extremely glamorous option, captured and edited for dramatic effect and mood and it by far the best quality, but this type of luxury comes with a pretty hefty price tag.  

The Benefits of Hiring a Wedding Videographer 

A video truly captures the spirit and magic of your big day. Thanks to wonderful advances in modern technology, it has become a much less obtrusive way to make memories and with new digital editing systems, artistic expression has been revolutionised. 

A large number of videographers nowadays hold degrees in broadcast journalism or filmmaking, meaning events are captured with an understanding of the real and important moments in the day. 

We believe that the top 5 benefits of hiring a wedding videographer are: 

  • Memories that you can play back time and time again 
  • A video that you’ll be able to share with your future children and grandchildren 
  • Something fun to watch every year on your wedding anniversary
  • Someone to capture the guests at your wedding at that time in their lives 
  • A treasured video that you can share with friends and family who weren’t able to attend your special day

Things to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Videographer 

As we’ve mentioned above, every wedding videographer will be different in the way that they work and present themselves. 

Do you research 

Be sure to do your research when looking for a wedding videographer. Check out their website and reviews from recent newlyweds. 

Watch some of their previous footage online 

Wedding videographers should have a selection of videos on their website for your to view. Take your time and watch a selection of different styles together. When you find a style you like, pursue further. 

Figure out how much you can afford to spend on a wedding videographer 

If you’re set on hiring a videographer then be sure to add this to your wedding budget from the very beginning - that way you’ll know how much money you have to play with. If you decide later on that you’d like to hire a wedding videographer then see if you can compromise elsewhere on your wedding budget. 

Meet face to face 

Meeting your wedding suppliers face to face is always a good idea. They will get to know you as a couple and you will get to see what they are like in terms of style and personality. It is important that you like your wedding suppliers as you’ll be communicating with them a lot before your wedding, on the day, and after your wedding too! 

How Much Should a Wedding Videographer Cost? 

Wedding videographers will vary in price, depending on their experience, style and the package you end up choosing. However, if we had to give you an estimate, we’d say that you should be able to hire a good wedding videographer for around £1200 - £1500.

Speak to your wedding videographer about pricing and packages early on and before you exchange any money, just to ensure that there are no price discrepancies further down the line. 

Ten Parts of your Wedding Day that you’ll want a Videographer to Capture 

  • Getting ready for the wedding 
  • The first look moment when you see each other walking down the aisle
  • Your Vows/exchanging rings
  • The First Kiss 
  • The Confetti Shot 
  • Post-wedding reception drinks/Entertainment 
  • Walking in to your reception as a married couple 
  • The speeches 
  • Cutting the cake
  • The first dance 

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