Jeio Prosecco

The Bisol family, Jeio’s producers, have been making wines for nearly five centuries. That’s no mean feat and instills a sense of trust that only 500 years of heritage can.

During the Bijou wine team’s recent trip to visit the Bisol family made us realise there are so many more reasons to love their light, fruity, straw-coloured Prosecco Jeio, and its all about the elegance and finesse of La Dolce Vita. Flying in to Venice then crossing the Laguna Veneta by motor launch and finishing the journey by road through the vine-covered hills of the Veneto region sets the scene perfectly. 

This is a region easily as in love with its grapes as Champagne or Burgundy. Head in to the very heartland of Prosecco production, the prestigious DOCG appellation of Valdobiadenne, (pronounced locally Val-doh-be-AAHHH-den-ney) and you are immediately surrounded by high peaks atop steep slopes, densely covered in the Glera grapes that produce this wonderful sparkling Italian delight. Nestled between the Dolomites and the Adriatic, the hills are so steep that it is said the vine-growers have made these hills their own ‘one centimetre at a time’ and its easy to see why; without practice, its hard to remain standing upright where some work day-long tending vines and picking grapes. Such an impressive sight is this cultivation of Valdobiadenne’s hillsides, UNESCO have designated it a World Heritage Site. 

Standing on one of several peaks that surround Valdobiadenne, you see the area laid out before you in its entirety; a sea of green lightly peppered with the houses of the Prosecco producers and tracks for the vineyards’ tiny tractors, built to fit between rows of vines 1 metre apart. As geographically impressive as it is romantic, it’s a further surprise to learn that Bisol own all of the vineyards from which they source their Glera grapes. This is remarkably rare and combined with their history in the region, sets them apart. Tiny sub-appellations on the hillsides and in the valley like Cartizze are also theirs and they put these unique geographical plots to exceptional use with single vineyard Proseccos bearing the same name.

All of this leads us to the real reason we love Jeio Prosecco and the Bisol family. It’s delicious flavour, light yet fruity, a hint of dryness and sensations of pear, apple and citrus that linger beautifully make Jeio Prosecco an hugely enjoyable drinking experience. Perfect on its own or with canapés or light meat and fish dishes, it comes as no surprise that the popularity of Prosecco continues to soar and Bisol are surely an ever-rising star.