Wedding Canapés

Have you ever been to a wedding and the drinks reception is just a little too long and you find yourself looking at the clock wondering when on earth you’re going to be able to eat? Avoid this faux pas at your own wedding by serving indulgent canapés during your drinks reception. While all wedding venues are sure to have beautiful spots for your group photos, ensure the rest of your guests are well looked after while you are busy with your photographer with some delicate but much appreciated bite-sized canapés.

Canapés don’t have to be traditional, but rather they could include some of your favourite delicacies from your travels or you could include some cool canapé options that suit your wedding theme. If you are hiring a luxury wedding venue, perhaps offer a something refined like skewers of rare beef fillet with béarnaise to dip, or even a sumptuous oyster bar. Or if you are hosting a destination French wedding, embrace the local culture with some traditional hors d’oeuvres made with local ingredients. For everything you need to know about wedding canapés, read on...

Canapé ideas for your unique wedding
Make it delicious

To paraphrase the great Andy Williams, where do we begin? Canapés may be something specific but there isn’t anything that can’t be a canapé, so where to start?

Mini canapés ideas for your wedding
Make it delicious

What's a canapé? Why do I have to have them? And when is a canapé not a canapé?