Your Wedding Breakfast

We are going to assume that if you are here, you are probably quite the foodie, and your wedding breakfast is at the top of your list of priorities to get right at your wedding. Gone are the days when a wedding breakfast needs to be a boring roast just to please all your guests. Wedding venues are now used to creating bespoke menus for couples that truly reflect their backgrounds, and delivering a style of service that matches the atmosphere you want to create for their day. 

If you’re still wondering why it’s called a wedding breakfast, don’t worry – you are not alone! It’s simply the first meal you share as a newly married couple, so be sure to make it an exquisite one. Luxury wedding venues lend themselves perfectly to elegant wedding banqueting and, as that’s also our personal area of expertise, so we have plenty of advice for you.

Make it delicious

Choosing the ultimate wedding breakfast menu for your guests; from canapes to a sumptuous main and more...

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Make it delicious

Top tips when it comes to hosting your wedding banquet in an elegant manner

Planning your wedding banquet menu with Bijou Wedding Venues
Make it delicious

A guide to planning your wedding banquet menu featuring advice on communicating with your venue and choosing the right dishes to serve your guests.