Evening Food for your Wedding

Wedding venues transform in the evening. The formalities of the day are over and it’s time for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy great music and great company. But all that partying can work up an appetite, so don’t forget to include some evening food in your celebrations. Not all wedding venues include evening food as standard but we would never suggest skipping this essential element of your evening party. When a wedding buffet is finally displayed, it is always rapidly devoured by guests grateful for a mid-party boost and there is never anything left over! 

From years of experience, we know that the winning combination is something savoury and something sweet. Hog roasts, paella and pizza always go down a treat and often it’s nice to incorporate some elements of your culture or personality in your evening food. It’s also the perfect time to serve your wedding cake, as having stood proudly in your wedding venue all day, your guests will be itching to enjoy a slice. If you fancy a different sweet treat in the evening, we, of course, have plenty of ideas for that too!

Make it delicious

Fun food ideas to serve during your evening wedding reception along with tips and advice on how and when to serve it. 

Mini-burgers are a great food idea for an evening buffet at a wedding
A sweetie cart is a great idea for your wedding reception
Make it delicious

23 ideas on how to enhance your evening buffet in a really sweet way; from hiring a sweetie cart to ordering a chocolate fountain and more...