Make your Wedding Delicious

It is impossible to overstate how important food and drink are on your wedding day. People come together over food. Imagine your luxury wedding venue coming to life with a wedding banquet fit for a king and queen, or an Oscar-worthy toast to the newlywed couple with the finest Champagne. The very best wedding venues will create the most delectable wedding menu, and it’s true that you very much get what you pay for. We, at Bijou Weddings, know that the food and drink served on your big day will always consume a large proportion of your wedding budget, so always be sure 100% that your wedding venue can create the style and excellence you envisage.

Fair warning: the following articles will almost certainly make you hungry! If you’re looking for inspiration for the main event itself, head over to read all about how your wedding breakfast could work. Our wedding drinks section covers everything from the finest new discoveries in English sparkling wines, to fun and unique ideas for your wedding reception drinks.