Chateau du Bijou is an exclusive use wedding weekend venue in Provence France

Chateau du Bijou - Provence

Chateau du Bijou - Provence

Wedding Ceremonies

The legalities of marrying in France are rather different to those in the UK. Whether you are marrying in a church or not, you are required to carry out a separate legal service at the local Mairie (Town Hall). This takes place in French (!) and if there is a suggestion that either party does not fully understand, the ceremony cannot take place. For non-natives wishing to tie the knot in France it is therefore simpler and easier to hold a civil ceremony (or church wedding) at home in the UK first, and then hold a blessing at your French venue.


The Chateau du Bijou sits among truly stunning grounds, deep into Provençal countryside. Because blessings have no legal element you are free, much as in the USA, to hold them anywhere – inside or out – and in whatever format you choose. There are countless beautiful backdrops to choose from at the Chateau, from the orchard to the swimming pool!

Legal in the UK

If you’re celebrating your union at the Chateau du Bijou, we would be delighted to host your UK civil ceremony (the legal bit!) at one of our UK venues in order to help you maintain the truly special nature of your wedding. We can of course then assist with the logistics of getting you and your guests down to Provence for the celebrations themselves.


There is a nearby, privately owned Chapelle which, subject to discussions with the owners, may be available to host your blessing should you wish to keep a more traditional or religious element to your day.

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