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The Bijou Wedding Planning Wednesday

Everything you need to know about our Wedding Planning Wednesday meetings…

Whether you’re new to Bijou or in the middle of planning your big day at one of our stunning country house properties you will certainly hear us boasting about our Wedding Planning Wednesdays. Read on to find out more about what happens on a Wedding Planning Wednesday and when you should book in for yours…

What is a Bijou Wedding Planning Wednesday?

Well, you’d think it is pretty much what it says on the tin, but there is so much more to it. Let us explain…

Besides the exquisite venue in which you’ll be holding your big day, one of the huge benefits of booking a wedding with Bijou is receiving first class support from a central, dedicated wedding planning department. These are the girls (and guys!) who will be answering your every question in the run up to your day and making your wedding planning process as easy and stress-free as possible. But rather than just a voice at the end of the phone or a person hiding behind a computer screen, the Wedding Planning Wednesday (or ‘WPW’ as we like to call it) provides the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting. There are two meetings in particular – these are referred to as a TimeLine meeting and the Final Planner meeting.

The TimeLine meeting will happen fairly soon after booking and confirming your wedding day at one of our luxurious, country house wedding venues. You’ll be discussing the ‘planning of your wedding planning’ with our dedicated Wedding Planning Team and by the end of the meeting you’ll most likely have a draft timetable for the day which will allow you to power through and confirm the rest of your plans in the coming weeks.

Skip ahead to the second meeting, the Final Planner meeting, and you will find yourself if the last few weeks of wedding preparation. This is most likely the last time you visit the venue before the BIG DAY (eeek!) and will be the point you pretty much wrap everything up! One of the Wedding Planning Managers will talk you through your Bijou online planner, which you would have been religiously filling in the previous months leading up to your wedding, making sure it accurately reflects the vision of your dream day.

But this isn’t it…

Unless you’re an incredibly trusting kind of person, you’re going to need and want to taste the banquet that you’ll be serving your wedding guests. This can take place on the same day as your TimeLine meeting or Final Planner meeting with your Planning Manager OR you can book in for a separate WPW, if it’s more convenient.

The Bijou food tasting experience is one of the most exciting parts of the day and as you may also want to sample some of our wines, we’ll give you a small selection to take home with you to try at your leisure.

So… you’ve got your ‘planning plan’ sorted, your food and drink covered, what else?

As you would have seen from our website, we’re incredibly proud of the relationship that we have with our Bijou Partners. We have with some of the leading wedding suppliers in the industry; some of which attend the WPWs on a regular basis. As you’ve probably taken the day off work to make the most of your Bijou planning day, why not book a consultation with the photographer, florist and/or any others that may take your fancy? All of which will know your chosen wedding venue like the back of their hand and add to the convenience of having your wedding planning sorted all under one roof!

But Why a Wednesday?

We quite often get this question thrown at us, but it’s quite a simple one to answer –we’re committed to our promise of offering couples the best possible service and an exquisite, exclusive-use venue to hold their big day. We can book couples in for their Wedding Planning Wednesday months in advance, giving them enough time to plan the day as efficiently as possible.

Towards the end of the week the operations and catering teams are likely to be running weddings at the venues, so we wouldn’t be able to give you the care and attention you deserve if we held our WPWs on any other day.

And finally…

Use these days to your full advantage; practice walking down the aisle, have an engagement photo shoot and relax in the environment that you’ll be spending the biggest day of your life in. We only ask that you book in to let us know you’re coming and just to make sure you’re coming to the correct WPW date for your dream Bijou Wedding Venue. You may have to pull the odd sickie at work as well, but don’t worry, we won’t tell!

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