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How to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

Finding the best wedding venue for your day is something that needs to happen early in the wedding planning process

Your wedding to-do list will have lots of exciting (and some challenging) aspects to it, but we think that finding your perfect venue should be very near the top. We believe that finding the best wedding venue for your day is something that needs to happen early in the process. This article has been designed to help you find that perfect wedding venue, the easiest way possible.

Why Should I Book a Wedding Venue Early?

  • The best wedding venues get booked up quite some time in advance
  • Getting save the date and wedding invitations out early gives the best chance of your favourite humans being able to attend
  • The type and specifics of wedding venue that you choose will have a strong influence on the theme, look and style of your day. Making the venue decision allows you to make other important decisions without totally stabbing in the dark!

There are a number of ways in which to find what you’re looking for, whether it be a mansion wedding venue in Surrey or a magical, romantic barn in Buckinghamshire. Normally we’d advise giving all of them a try since not all wedding venues have the marketing budget to show up everywhere that you might look. To help you make sure you haven’t missed anything, we’ve come up with some advice on the best ways to find the perfect location to tie the knot.

Searching for a Wedding Venue Online

Looking for your wedding venue online is probably one of the preferred and easiest methods of finding the ultimate location to host your nuptials. There are loads of different websites available to do your venue search (including Google!), but getting your key search terms right is essential. A general ‘wedding venues in Buckinghamshire’ search term will bring up a huge list of every type of wedding venue in that specific county. However, if you make your search more specific by using what are called “long-tail search terms” then you will find the results are much more useful (and there aren’t as many of them to sift through!). This, of course, means you’re likely to find your dream wedding venue sooner.

As an example – if you’re looking for a wedding venue in Buckinghamshire that will offer you exclusive use of the property throughout your day then a useful search term for Google might be “exclusive use wedding venues in Buckinghamshire”. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a rustic, cosy, oak-filled barn in the same area then “barn wedding venues in Buckinghamshire” or “rustic wedding venues in Buckinghamshire” could bring up the search results you’ve been hoping for.

Given that virtually every building that you might be considering as a wedding venue is unique (or should be at least!), it can be hard to determine the style of wedding venue that you’re looking for.

Key Wedding Venue Search Terms

To assist with some early-stage thinking, we’ve put a few key search terms in a list below to get you started. Once you’ve had a look through the results for some of these you’ll find yourself starting to zoom in on one or two. We recommend identifying that handful of relevant terms and then diving deeper into the results by adding supplementary words into the search – for example extending “country house wedding venue Berkshire” to “exclusive use country house wedding venue Berkshire”.
(When doing your search, just change the county to the location you’re specifically interested in!).

“Castle wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Boutique wedding venue in Bucks”
“Exclusive use wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Mansion wedding venue in Oxfordshire”
“Garden style wedding venue in Oxfordshire”
“Luxury wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Wedding venue featured in a film in Buckinghamshire”
“Country house style wedding venue in Oxfordshire”
“Riverside wedding venue in Oxfordshire”
“Stately home wedding venue in Bucks”
“Historic wedding venue in Oxon”
“Restaurant wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Outdoor wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Seaside wedding venue Essex”
“Landmark wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Manor house wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Boat wedding venue in Oxfordshire”
“Unique wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Marquee wedding venue in Buckinghamshire”
“Hotel style wedding venues in Oxfordshire”
“Wedding venues with accommodation in Buckinghamshire”

You could also change the location term to say “near *TOWN*” in the county if you have a more precise area in mind.

Find a Wedding Venue in Magazines

If you’ve opted to start your wedding venue search in a magazine, then look out for specific wording on wedding venue adverts. An image of the venue can give you a good idea of what its like visually, but does it have exclusive use, or accommodation on site? Google the name of the wedding venue if you like the look of it in print to find out more. Also a quick caveat on magazines – beware the advertorial! These are adverts dressed up to look like editorial. Nothing wrong with them (we do them ourselves sometimes – often they’re something that a magazine will throw in to sweeten the deal when you’re buying advertising space!) but worth being aware and making sure you know whose opinion you’re reading!

Find a Wedding Venue Through Word of mouth

Ask your friends and family if they’ve been to a fantastic wedding in the past where the venue made the day. Or, have you stayed at a wonderful hotel that you think might be the perfect wedding venue for you both? It’s always worth going to view a recommendation from a friend – the chances are they know your style and will recognise a wedding venue that will be good for you. They’ve also seen the venue in operation, which is something that brides and grooms seldom get to do before the big day itself, and so can vouch for the level of service and professionalism as well as for the beauty of the venue itself.

Stumble Across your Wedding Venue

Not necessarily a great “grand plan” if you haven’t already stumbled across it, but if you’ve always loved staying in a specific hotel or you walk your dog in a fabulous park around a particular stately home, why not see if it has a licence to perform marriages? You could end up being in the most unusual of places when suddenly you realise that it’s the only place you want to get married.

Good luck with your wedding venue search and don’t forget to request a brochure if you’re interested in any of our exclusive use wedding venues.

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