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Getting Fit Ahead of your Wedding Day

Bijou’s top tips on how to get fit ahead of your big day; from weight loss to mindfulness and more.

It may or may not be your intention to shed a few pounds before walking down the aisle at your chosen wedding venue, but regular exercise is proven to reduce your stress levels – no bad thing in the run up to a wedding. Factor in a regular routine early during your wedding planning process, to ensure you release a bit of tension every now and then.

Weight loss (or gain) aspirations have to be managed sensibly in the months before the wedding. Good advice is crucial if this is what you are looking for.

One thing that is always underestimated when it comes to planning a wedding is the amount of nervous energy that can be consumed. Sadly (for some) this doesn’t mean that binge eating will be fully compensated for – but you will need your strength. Emotional calm is as critical as physical health and if you find that things are getting on top of you find someone to talk to who isn’t involved in the wedding. Perspective is what you will be looking for.

Below are our top tips on wedding fitness along with 10 ideas on how to relax your mind!

Keeping Fit Ahead of your Wedding

Exercise Together

To make exercise a bit more exciting, why not work out together? A run after work or a Saturday morning boot camp style fitness program that you can do as a couple might make keeping fit, fun. See more ideas on how to get fit as a couple here.

Cut out the Carbs

Plan your meals and perhaps reduce the amount of takeaways you buy. Small changes could make a big difference to how you feel, not to mention the number on the scales.

Join a Gym

…if you aren’t a member of one already. Go for a swim, pump some weights or jog on a treadmill a couple of times a week. If going to the gym becomes a habit you might enjoy it as a married couple for the rest of your lives.

Drink More Water

We don’t need to tell you that drinking water is good for your body and mind – but drinking more can sometimes curb hunger, and its great for your skin.


Keeping fit isn’t just about your physical appearance, its about how you feel in your mind. The emotions involved in getting married are huge, so make sure your mind is in the right place too!

10 Ideas on How to Relax Your Mind Ahead of Your Wedding

  • Go for a walk
  • Join a yoga or Tai-Chi class
  • Meditate
  • Visit a spa
  • Enjoy some ‘me’ time
  • Read a book
  • Listen to calming music
  • Get a good nights sleep
  • Have a cup of green tea
  • Book a massage
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