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Budgeting for Your Wedding Venue

Planning advice when it comes to setting a budget for your wedding venue and sticking to it

It’s no big secret that the biggest portion of your wedding budget will probably be spent on the venue.

Regardless of what style of wedding venue you choose, you’ll need to make sure that facility hire, food, drink and bubbly is all included within the cost to ensure that all of your guests are taken care of throughout the day. The amount of guests you invite to your wedding will have a great impact on the value of your overall spend, so take this into consideration before you start looking at different wedding venues.

If you’re hiring a blank canvas wedding venue and need to bring everything in yourselves, allocate all of the necessary budget for catering in advance so that you aren’t faced with any surprises along the way.

Planning your venue budget

Before you commit to booking a wedding venue, consider your overall wedding budget. We recommend that around 50-60% of your overall wedding budget should go towards the wedding venue portion of the day. Remember that you’ll still need to hire a photographer, order a wedding cake, buy a wedding dress/attire, choose wonderful flowers, buy wedding rings, book a super honeymoon and more!  As the wedding venue will be the most expensive part of your day, we suggest that you spend the time doing your research; request brochures, visit plenty of venues and be realistic when it comes to your wedding budget.

What should be included within your venue budget?

We’ve put together a ’no frills, just the necessaries’ package which, if you can price it up accurately across the various venues that you’re considering, will give you the ability to really assess which are the more expensive and which are the better value.

The difficulty you have in pricing this up at a given venue will also give you a hint as to whether that particular venue is aiming to be as transparent as possible, or to get you hooked before really revealing the true cost of celebrating your day with them. In this package we really have only included what we think is virtually universal. Of course if there are certain extras that you’d like to add on or feel that your wedding party will need, then you can reserve some extra budget if necessary.

If you have nothing more than the below package (a typical wedding at Bijou) then we know that you’ll have an absolutely fantastic day and there will be nothing missing:

  • Facility hire (fix the period – we do it on a 24 hour basis)
  • Use of a room for Civil Ceremony (if required)
  • 2.5 reception drinks per person (we split it up into 2 alcoholic and 0.5 non-alcoholic to account for some non-drinkers)
  • 3 course meal, coffee and truffles for all your guests
  • Half a bottle of wine and mineral water per person (in over 15 years of doing this, we’ve met countless couples who didn’t think this was enough – we can assure you that it is! And you can always get more if you need it).
  • Glass of fizz for speeches
  • Cover charge and welcome glass of fizz for evening guests
  • Light evening buffet for all guests
  • Tables, linen, chairs, crockery, cutlery etc
  • Provision of a cash or tab bar
  • Staffing and service
  • VAT

Top tip:

Don’t forget to add the cost of food for your wedding suppliers onto your venue budget if you plan on feeding them throughout the night (which we’re sure they would appreciate).

Sticking to your wedding venue budget

It’s very easy to get carried away with spending money when it comes to the wedding venue. Discuss everything between you in advance and be sure to track everything that you spend or hire so that you don’t end up with a big surprise as your wedding day draws closer.

How to pay for your wedding venue

Once you’ve chosen a wedding venue you’ll now how much over your overall wedding budget you’ll need to shell out. Having said that, you probably won’t need to pay for it all in one go. Most wedding venues, including all four Bijou Wedding Venues, will ask you for a deposit in order to secure your chosen wedding date. You the may get to pay for the rest of your wedding in instalments, depending on how long you have before the big day arrives.

It is fairly normal to have to pay the full wedding venue amount ahead of the big day itself regardless of where you choose to get married, but if you’ve got a time scale of anywhere between 12 and 18 months then that could potentially give you some extra time to save!

Top tip:

Some wedding venues may charge a surcharge if you pay by a credit card, so if this is your preferred method of payment, take the surcharge in to account in advance.

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