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Barn Wedding Venue Ideas in Hampshire

Ideas on how to introduce local suppliers to your barn style wedding in Hampshire

If you’re considering getting married at one of many barn wedding venues in Hampshire then how incredible would it be to source local suppliers to help make your wedding day unforgettable?

At Bijou Weddings, we have a full section of partners that we’d love to put you in touch with when it comes to making your day extra special. You don’t have to choose them, of course, but they do know our collection of country house wedding venues well and we know that they’ll do a great job for you, on your big day.

If you’re a born and bread Hampshire couple and like the idea of introducing a little bit of local culture in to your barn wedding venue, then consider our favourite ideas below…

Local Hampshire wedding supplier ideas

Think about your different wedding requirements and where you may be able to source local suppliers.

  • Wedding stationery
  • Wedding favours
  • Wedding cake
  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding photographer
  • Wedding food & drink
Cain Manor bridal preparations

Introducing Hampshire suppliers to your barn wedding

Wedding stationery

If you’ve chosen a barn wedding venue then consider choosing a local supplier to help arrange your wedding invitations, menus, place cards, thank you cards and more. You may wish to discuss a theme based around your rustic barn, your you might even want to commission them to somehow include an image of your wedding venue on all of your stationery to keep the barn theme continuous.

Wedding favours

Check with your chosen barn wedding venue before you buy your wedding favours or if you’re thinking of something specific, just to ensure that whatever you choose is permitted. But when it comes to wedding favours, is there a local honey farm or a company who make local jams or chutneys that you may be able to offer as thank you tokens to your guests? Locally made candles could also be a great wedding favour idea?

Wedding cake

Not only will sourcing a local wedding cake supplier make logistics easier for you when it comes to the big day, but they may be able to use local ingredients that you may not have ever thought about before. If you’ve got a wedding cake flavor or ingredient in mind that you’d love to have featured in or on your wedding cake, be sure to mention this to your wedding cake supplier from the beginning.

Wedding Dress

There are several options available when it comes to finding your dream wedding dress for your barn wedding. There are numerous bridal wear shops in Hampshire where you can buy a brand new wedding gown – or if you’re in a hurry, consider buying a ‘ready to wear’ dress that you can effectively buy off the rack. Or, if you’ve been handed down a wedding dress by your grandmother or mother, then why not source a local wedding dress designer or seamstress to help turn your vintage garment in to the ultimate gown to complement your barn wedding venue?

Wedding photographer

If you’re choosing a wedding venue in Hampshire, then it may be advisable to speak to wedding photographers who are either located in Hampshire, or are very familiar with the area. They may be able to take you to a spectacular, un-know spot for your engagement shoot, and when it comes to the big day, you know that they’ll be at your barn wedding venue on time because they won’t have to travel to far!

Wedding food & drink

If you choose to get married at Cain Manor, Bijou’s barn wedding venue in Hampshire, then you’ll be able to discuss the perfect menu with our team of chefs. If there’s a specific local dish that you simply must have, or there is an ingredient or locally made ice cream that you’d like us to source locally, then we’d be more than happy to arrange it! Likewise when it comes to the drinks served at your wedding. If you’re aware of a local vineyard and would like to serve wine from there, or you’re aware of a local gin distillery and think that it would be fun to include it in a cocktail for your guests, then let us know so that we can source and order it for you!

Top tip:

If you choose a wine, gin or any other alcoholic drink that is not directly stocked by your wedding venue, then you may need to pay an excess for the beverage to be sourced. Also, if you are planning on bringing in local drinks to serve your guests, check the cost of corkage before you buy…so that your wedding venue is fully aware of your plans.

When to book local wedding suppliers?

Once you’ve booked your barn wedding venue then it would be advisable to start searching for local suppliers in Hampshire sooner rather than later. The best suppliers will get booked up early, and if you need your wedding venue to source something specific for you then the more notice you give them, the better.

Cain Manor bridal suite with hanging wedding dress
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