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Alternative Wedding Photo Ideas

Outside the box photo ideas for your big day

Traditional group photos and classic ceremony shots are always ones to add to your photographer’s list. However, if you’d like to get creative with your wedding snaps, carry on reading for some ideas for alternative photographs to take on your big day.

The first look

When your hair and makeup is done, your dress is on, accessories added and you’re feeling at your very best, a lot of brides like to take this opportunity to do a reveal to friends and family or a ‘first look’. Generally the first look will be done with the father of the bride/whoever is walking the bride down the aisle. However, this can of course be done with any family member or friend that you’re particularly close to. Grandparents, parents and bridesmaids are also sometimes included. It’s a lovely moment to share, and makes for a beautiful photo. Your wedding pictures become your memories of the day, and this is one you certainly want to remember.

Disposable cameras

Who would’ve thought that the disposable cameras we used back in the early 2000s would make a comeback? Nowadays they make a very popular addition to some couples’ wedding breakfast tables. Your photographer will capture as many romantic, emotional, fun and quirky shots as they can throughout the day – but they are only one person, so can’t be in two places at once. Laying out one or two disposable cameras on each reception table for your guests to take pictures on is a sure way to get the ‘behind the scenes’ shots that are bound to be some of your favourite pictures from the day. It also means that you get pictures of every person that shared your big day with you, and it doesn’t break the bank.

Use your veil

Traditionally the veil is used to cover the bride’s face as she makes her way down the aisle and is then lifted over her head by her partner for the first kiss as a married couple. Other than this, the veil isn’t usually a feature of the day. It’s a beautiful accessory which you could utilise in your wedding pictures. Picture clear skies, a cool breeze and your veil floating around you. Make sure to chat with your photographer about this shot in advance so on the day they can judge when is the best time to take the picture.

Group shots…with a twist

The traditional bridal party, groomsmen and family shots are always lovely pictures to look back on. Rather than sticking to the norm, try switching up these types of pictures. Some couples use props or a change of clothes to add some fun into the photos. Discuss with your photographer different options for the group pictures, they should be able to give you some suggestions as well as prompting you on the day with different ideas for poses.

To switch things up for the wedding party pictures, have the groom in the centre of the bridesmaids and the bride in the centre of the groomsmen. And for more fun group pictures, bring both parties together to get some memorable snaps. Putting on a song and telling the group to singalong and dance to the tune will result in un-posed, natural and hilarious wedding snaps.

Top tip:

Make a list of all of the pictures you want captured on your big day and share this with your photographer in advance. They will then be able to make a plan of the day and make sure they get all of these shots for you. You don’t want to run the risk of asking your photographer last minute on the day of the wedding for several complicated photos that they haven’t scheduled in time for.

The bouquet toss

Now, this may seem like a given capturing the bride throwing the bouquet, however, it’s not the actual bouquet toss that creates the best pictures – it’s the people catching it. Make sure you ask your photographer to capture the whole process from start to finish: the throw itself, the scramble to catch the bouquet and the victorious guest who caught it.

Use your surroundings

Once you’ve chosen your wedding venue and set your date, book in another visit to view the property and scope out the best places to get your wedding pictures. It may be that your venue has expansive gardens with beautiful flowers or you could be drawn to a prominent feature like a sweeping stone staircase. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in as well, to get the best pictures possible your photographer might encourage you to jump over, crawl under or squeeze through obstacles at your venue to get the best backdrop possible – it’ll all be worth it when you see the photos.

Ask your venue if they have a list of preferred suppliers or partners, this could come in handy, especially when choosing a photographer. They will have been to the venue several times and already know all the best spots for amazing photos.

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