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8 Ways to Get Wedding Fit as a Couple

Get Wedding Fit as a Couple

If you find it hard to get fit alone, why not get wedding fit as a couple?

Buy workout DVDs
Workout dvds today aren’t what they used to be in the 80s. The likes of Shaun T will get you wedding fit in no time, and, DVD style work out regimes can be done in the comfort of your own home, at any time, on any day of the week – you have no excuse!

Join a dance class

Dancing is fun, energetic and if you love it, you could lose weight without even realising it. Take this as an opportunity to learn a first wedding dance routine, or simply start a hobby that you can continue to enjoy forever.

Cycle together

This can be in the form of a fast-paced spin class at the gym, or, you could spend time cycling around different parts of the UK in a bid to get fit. If you don’t already own bikes, maybe buy them as a wedding gift to each other and commence a new found hobby. Cycling is great for your physique and can be done anywhere.


Swimming is a great form of exercise and it can also be done all year round. If you aren’t already a member of a gym, you may be able to pay-as-you-go at your local sports center. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise as it uses plenty of muscles. A half hour swim as a couple, a few times a week could make a great difference to your mind and bodies.


If you have a dog, make a habit of walking your dog together, every day. If you don’t have a dog, make the most of the great outdoors and spending time walking and talking (about your wedding). If you don’t have time to walk together during the week, make a plan to walk together every weekend. Walk around a park, walk to a town, walk in the woods, walk along a beach – there are dozens of places to walk as a couple ahead of your big day.

Cook together

Changing the way you eat can have a huge impact on your health. Why not start preparing healthy meals together. Food shop together and prepare your meals as a couple. It may not be a physical activity, but eating right and working as a team to prepare fun and healthy meals could contribute towards both of you getting fitter ahead of your big day. If you don’t have time to cook together every night, choose a night or two a week that you dedicate to cooking delicious, healthy meals together. Or, cook for each other – take it in turns to see who can prepare the tastiest meal with the lowest calories.

Drink juice

Juicers, NutriBullets and Juice diets have become a major trend in recent years. If you don’t own a blender or juicer, it could be your next best purchase. Cleanse your bodies with refreshing smoothies, but having fun making them as a couple along the way.
Have competitions to see who can make the tastiest smoothie every Saturday morning, or make exciting smoothie/juice drinks for each other. Not only will you be packing the fruit in, but you’ll probably enjoy it so much that drinking homemade smoothies may even become a life-long habit.

Play squash or tennis

Even if you’re no good, squash and/or tennis is a sport that you can become great at. Most local fitness centers should have a squash court – and there are plenty of tennis clubs around. Learn to play as a couple -challenge each other, help each other and reward each other at the end of a great match. Squash or tennis can be a fantastic activity to play together and either game can be played whenever a court is available for you.

Top tip for the bride:

If you plan on losing weight, book a wedding dress fitting appointment around a month before your wedding, giving a seamstress enough time to make any last-minute alterations if necessary.

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