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100 Wedding Table Name Ideas

A list of 100 different table name ideas for you to choose to display at your wedding reception.

Once you’ve chosen a wedding venue, bought a beautiful dress, and chose a theme or colour scheme for your wedding reception, the next item on your wedding ‘to do’ list will be to come up with some appropriately themed names for each of your tables. Some couples like to stick with tradition and have their tables numbered from 1-10 to keep things simple, whereas others might opt for something a little more unique.

We’ve listed 100 wedding table name ideas below to inspire you – from wild and wonderful to completely wacky!

Music and the arts

1. Names of popular girl bands
2. Names of popular boy bands
3. Your favourite bands or music groups of all time
4. Well known love song titles
5. A list of tracks that have been #1 during your relationship
6. Songs from one particular artist that you both love
7. Different musical instruments
8. Names of different artists
9. Famous names of paintings
10. Famous poets
11. Romantic writers
12. Names of your favourite classical tunes
13. Authors from your childhood
14. Titles of your favourite books
15. Names of Shakespeare plays
16. Titles of your favourite musicals
17. Your favourite songs chosen from musicals
18. Names of old fashioned comics or magazines
19. Names of childhood nursery rhymes


20. Your favourite characters from a TV series
21. Married couples that appear in your favourite soap(s)
22. Disney characters
23. Characters from Looney Tunes
24. Iconic movie characters from the past
25. Game of Thrones characters
26. Characters from Pokemon
27. Famous families
28. Names of films that you’ve seen in the cinema together
29. Titles of James Bond movies
30. Characters from your favourite fairytales

Food and drink

31. Different names of fine wines or grapes
32. Your favourite chocolate bars
33. Sweets that you might find in an old fashioned sweet shop
34. A list of your favourite restaurants
35. A collection of cheese from around the world
36. A selection of whiskey names
37. Different types of gin
38. Your favourite desserts
39. A variety of different cocktails
40. Unique flavours of ice cream
41. Your favourite pubs to visit around the world
42. Names of different beer
43. Different varieties of tea

Seasonal wedding reception table names

44. The names of different leaves
45. Different flowers from the garden or your bouquet
46. A variety of different birds
47. Things that relate to spring
48. Summer themed names
49. Autumn inspired table names
50. Winter wonderland ideas
51. Woodland themed names
52. Months of the year
53. Dates that have special meanings to you both
54. Things you might find in the garden
55. Words related to Christmas

Animals and pets

56. The names of your childhood pets
57. Animals that you might find on safari
58. Different types of arachnids
59. A collection of names of snakes
60. Animals that you might find in a zoo
61. Animals from the circus

International names for wedding reception tables

62. Different European countries
63. Countries that you plan to visit on your honeymoon
64. A collection of airlines
65. The wonders of the world
66. International landmarks
67. Names of presidents or prime ministers
68. Famous parks from around the world
69. Popular beaches from around the globe
70. Names of famous chateaus in France
71. Well known hot-spots from around Paris
72. Capital cities from around the world
73. Famous sporting grounds from around the world

Unique wedding table name ideas


74. Board games from the generation you grew up in
75. The names of different fashion designers
76. Names of classic cars
77. Different Pantone colours
78. Things that fly
79. Your favourite date hot-spots
80. The names of kings and queens
81. Beautiful gemstones
82. Inspirational words
83. The word ‘Love’ in several different languages
84. Different stops on London’s tube/underground
85. Universities from around the UK
86. Sporting heroes
87. Gods and heroines
88. Festivals that take place in the UK
89. Concerts that you’ve experienced together
90. Elements on the Periodic Table
91. Different stars or planets in the solar system
92. The alphabet
93. Years that have a special meaning to you both
94. Names of cars
95. Your favourite hobbies
96. Names related to steampunk
97. Pet names that you have for each other
98. Words related to your chosen wedding venue
99. Goals that you both have for the future
100. Words that sum up your relationship

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