Academy Award Winning Actress Vivien Leigh Loved Notley Abbey

A quote from the late Academy Award winning actress Vivien Leigh – the previous home owner of Bijou's Notley Abbey.

The magnificent tree-lined approach to Notley Abbey, the former home of Vivien Leigh

If you’re considering booking Notley Abbey for your wedding, or you’re in the process of planning your Notley Abbey wedding with us in the future, the following letter, written by the home’s previous (and quite famous) owner, may bring to light, as to how truly passionate she felt about this incredible house. 

Vivien Leigh lived at Notley Abbey with her husband, Laurence Olivier from 1944 to 1960 and even self-planted the trees that now line the one-of-a-kind approach up to the magnificent Abbey. We can see why she found it hard to leave. 

“On top of all this it seems as if Notley is sold. I can hardly write the words. A Canadian couple saw it some weeks ago, made an immediate and perfectly good offer and want to move in at the end of April. It doesn’t seem possible, does it? Of course it is looking particularly beautiful. We have had the most glorious crisp and dazzling winter days…I walk from place to precious place and gaze at the beloved views with tears pouring down my face. What memories for all one’s life—such unbelievable rare happiness, sweetness and quietude there has been here. I don’t forget the other times too, but they seem to me outweighed by blissful togetherness. Dear God it is a heartache…the fact that we have known for some time now that it would have to go doesn’t seem to help in the least. It is fifteen years—a great part of one’s life…Oh the hundreds of times my beloved Larry and I have wandered here in wonder and grateful amazement at the beauty all around us—the feeling that we were a little responsible for creating it too made it all so doubly dear. It is hard to imagine life without such an oasis.” Vivien Leigh 

You too can make Notley Abbey your home – a home for 24 hours in which to celebrate your marriage with your closest friends and family members. With two charming locations to say your vows indoors, along with a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony nook to celebrate your wedding during the summer months, plus, a bright, light, luxury barn-style Refectory complete with glamorous chandeliers for your wedding reception, topped with a delightful bridal suite in which to prepare for your magical day – you’ll no doubt fall in love with Notley Abbey as much as Vivien Leigh loved living there. 

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