In praise of pie…

An enduring favourite, particularly for winter weddings when their hearty warmth provides the foundation upon which the stamina for the evening's festivities is built, the pie is however often overlooked when it comes to Wedding Breakfast shortlists. A key question to consider - ‘when is a pie not a pie?’. While, apparently and astoundingly, there are moves afoot to define in law what a pie is, the answer to this question as pertains to your big day is simple: it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that a hot rich filling with a golden crust – whatever your flavour – is a fantastic way to take care of your guests who, remember, will be almost as exhausted as you are and in need of sustenance. If you have an early afternoon ceremony and (dammit they better!) your guests are dancing the night away you’ve got them for a good ten hours, and that’s ten hours in which there is a LOT going on (apparently, someone even got married!!).

So how to give your pie some ‘WOW’? Well, like many things wedding-related these days, there are countless fantastic gadgets, pots, pans and trinkets available; your initials on top with a heart, or even one of Le Creuset’s (absolutely genius) little heart shaped pie dishes will give any pie a uniquely 'wedding' twinkle in its eye, promoting it beyond its humble origins.

A wise man once told me, ‘there no such thing as a loser in a pie eating contest.’

Lets not go quite that far but you’ve got to admit, he’s got a point.