Just Proposed Crib Sheet

Things to do really quickly if you can – if your proposal and your acceptance of the concept of the big white wedding have left any brownie points still in the bank:

  • Bring the wedding forward as much as you can. The stress will expand to fill the time you give it.
  • Limit guest numbers and define key stakeholders and decision makers. You need to know what/who you’re dealing with and finding out that the Mother-in-Law is actually the person pushing the 14-tier, £6000 cake is something that you should do sooner rather than later.
  • Veto the use of a wedding planner. They cost you money and add to your stress levels. This is not what you need and not what they claim. More on this later but for now just know that, in researching for this post, I found a Wedding Planner's Blog who explained that if you got engaged a year out you would only have 12 weekends to plan your wedding, so you needed all the help you could get.

COME ON PEOPLE. 12 weekends in a year? From someone who’s purporting to be a Wedding Planner? (Guess what, they largely work weekends). And this has been published on an actual, real life website? It's been taken down now, thank goodness, so you'll have to take my word for the fact that it was there.