The Inside (Wo)man


I have always been the highly organised member of my group of friends. I arrange our girly holidays, parties, theatre trips and, most recently, have been the wedding planning go-to girl for my engaged friends. I love to make things happen and most importantly, I love to see people happy and enjoying themselves. So much so, I am frequently referred to as the ‘perfect hostess.’ Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

You can imagine my excitement when I landed my dream job as a wedding planner for the fantastic Bijou Wedding Venues almost four years ago. Being surrounded by people who, like me, take great pride in putting on such an important event; it made me feel like I was a small child in the largest sweet shop on the face of the planet. Every day was something new and more exciting. 

You would think that one wedding is no different from the next, that even with four very diverse venues, there is only a certain amount of variations you can get. Wrong! It still astounds me today at how individual and versatile couples are.  I cannot count the times I have walked into the already-rather-stunning glass Atrium at Botleys Mansion and been completely bowled over at how amazing it looks. 

That’s not to say, of course, that you can’t still be ‘on-trend’. Speaking to lots of brides on a daily basis, we get to hear their ideas before their wedding, and as a team we share these with each other and start to notice recurring themes. We are then able advise other brides who want something a little bit different and build on ideas to make them truly bespoke to the couple.  

I’m not trying to fool you into thinking Wedding Planning is a doddle; yes, I am a hopeless romantic and always try to see the world in a positive light, but there have been a few tears along the way and there have certainly been times when things have gone wrong. It is all about having the right kind of support throughout the planning stages and having a spark of inspiration when times are getting tough. 

I have now moved into the world of Marketing and find myself in the perfect position to mix with wider industry professionals and get inspiration from them. Combine this with the super-powers of the wedding planning team here at Bijou, my aim is to impart my wedding knowledge onto anyone planning their own day, be it at a Bijou Venue or elsewhere.