Support, help and guidance

My first stab at wedding planning was (of course) my own wedding. It was (of course) unlike any of my friends’ and, for my generation, bucked all the social norms of location, style and etiquette. But it was long forgotten by the time I became professionally involved in wedding management. So in my CV I don’t talk about my own wedding – just the 300+ a year that I care about now given that they happen under the Bijou umbrella that over the last 15 years I have helped to unfurl.

During these years of running weddings and advising brides and grooms (their parents and anyone else invited to the Big Day), I have come to expect the rebuttal “but this wedding is DIFFERENT!’. I happily embrace the reality that no two couples are alike. No wedding is a replica of another. No two dreams are the same. But ultimately when two people publicly attest their love and their intention to live happily together until death do them part, there are certain accepted traditions and norms.  None of them have to apply to any specific wedding but sometimes it is as well to know what you are rejecting and even maybe…..why people have done it this way for centuries.

I hope my offerings will be of interest – there is no one size fits all when it comes to weddings so I look forward to contradicting myself regularly.