Your Wedding Breakfast

The practice of a feast after a wedding goes back to time immemorial but modern literary references are scarce prior to the middle of the 19th Century. Uniquely, in the 16th Century prior to the Reformation, the Bride and Groom would have married during a Eucharistic Mass and in order to receive Holy Communion, would have fasted from the previous evening; those not attending the Mass for the Communion would not have fasted, so it was the Bride & Groom who were ‘breaking the fast’ after their marriage.

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Choosing the ultimate wedding breakfast menu for your guests; from canapes to a sumptuous main and more...

The ancient tradition of breaking the fact after marriage is why the banquet is referred to as the wedding breakfast.
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How to host the ultimate wedding breakfast

It's how you serve the food as well - make sure you hire a reputable catering company who have good staff
Make it delicious

The wedding breakfast is one of the most central and pivotal elements of your big day. Creating the first meal that you will share as a married couple isn't the simplest of processes - particularly when you bear in mind that you're not just ordering for two!