Willy Wonka

Flying saucers? Check. Jumbo Bananas? Check, Cola Bottles? Check. Fizzy Straws? Check. Think about those childhood favourites for a moment and it soon becomes clear. Sweetie tables are for the grown ups!

Perfect really, you won’t see a veritable banquet of childhood favourites anywhere else so why not?

Add to that the now easily available jumbo Toblerone (a staggering one metre long) a foot high Gummy Bear, 1kg Mars Bars, Snickers (ok, so we all know it’s a Marathon really but…) candy canes the same size as a real cane, and all sorts of other jumbo stuff which would have been too cool when we were kids and, actually, that means it’s still pretty awesome. 

So what to do with it and when to get the most out of it? Like a kid with a cheeky grin on a day of celebration and sophistication, it’ll sit in the corner ready to raise a laugh later in the day when the seriousness is done and it’s time for some fun. It’s impossible not to both look like, and imagine you are, your former, 9 year old self, palming jelly babies into a candy-striped paper bag, stocking up for a trip around the dance floor to deliver a welcome sugar high to the celebrating crowd. Any kids, the young or the older type, will make a bee-line for a little white cart advertising sugary-goodness so make them earn their rush by asking repeat visitors to bag up a good pick n’ mix to wander round so everyone gets in on the fun and there are some bags ready to be taken away at the end of the night.