Evening food - an introduction

Your wedding day will be full of excitement & emotion, friends old and new will surround you, there will be drinking, there will be dancing, and at some point, there will be tears of joy. 

Parts of your wedding day will fly past in the blink of an eye and then you’ll arrive at the evening and chances are you’ll need something to keep you going, so too will your guests who have shared every minute of the day with you. You’ll want to extend every hospitality to the guests joining you for the evening only too, especially if some may have travelled a way to celebrate with you.

When considering something to keep energy levels up in the evening, the timings of your day are obviously the determining factor; an early ceremony and early wedding breakfast mean a longer evening, and a later ceremony, vice versa but a later-running day doesn’t mean you have to pass up the opportunity to enjoy something fun, funky and tasty. More than any other part of the day, an evening buffet is the free-style opportunity to include anything and everything you wanted but couldn’t quite fit into your canapés or wedding breakfast.

Be it a buffet, bowl food walked round to your guests by usherettes, or a hog roasting on the terrace, the need for more specific timings and service relaxes so if you wanted a high tea for your wedding breakfast but weren’t quite sure enough that it would hit the spot for all of your guests, the evening buffet is where you can indulge. You and your guests will be partying the night away by this time, the DJ will be doing his thing and the dance floor will fill. A service style that means guests can help themselves, or not, like a buffet means it won’t interrupt the party but offers the perfect sustenance to anyone in need and a ‘grab-and-go’ style will be appreciated by the party goers who want to get back to their boogie as much as by the more reserved who, now peckish, wish to have a little something away from the dance floor as conversations and reminiscence continue.

Baskets of burgers and bacon butties, cheese and charcuterie buffets, hog roasts and ploughman’s style snacks are often to be found on venue and caterers’ menus and they are a great place to start; a basket of warm bacon butties or a wagon loaded with cheese is a sight for sore eyes to many after a concerted effort on the dance floor and accompanied by the ever-popular chocolate fountain or a sweetie cart you can relax the hospitality you provide without compromising the quality and style of your day in any way at all, and your guests will love you for it, even more than they do already.